Wellflux is a proprietary water soluble polymer which is used to reduce the apparent viscosity of heavy oils and bitumen by producing a dispersion. When mixed with heavy oil the Wellflux polymer coats dispersed oil droplets and prevents rapid coalescence. The result is a free flowing dispersion with dramatically lower viscosity and higher mobility.  As Wellflux is fully soluble in water, it can be separated using conventional methods.

Wellflux solutions are stable to temperatures up to 175⁰C, which makes it suitable for a variety of cold and thermal well servicing applications. The water based product is non-flammable, non-combustible making it safe to use at higher temperatures relative to hydrocarbon and aromatic based diluents and cleaners.

Rod Side Coil Tubing Cleanouts
Wellflux has been proven to increase the speed and success rate of Rod Side Coil Tubing Cleanouts. When mixed with the Client’s hot produced water, the rate of penetration into the wellbore is increased resulting in reducing job times by up to 75%. Wellflux aids in the removal of heavy oil in the tubing and subsequently the coiled tubing can penetrate down to the required depth with ease.
When Wellflux is mixed with hot produced water, the solution is used to displace oil from the tubing and rod string leaving virtually no oil residue to leak and drip when the production strings are pulled to surface. Wellflux solution has the same odor and toxicity as the produced water used to dilute. As such, there are no additional HSE related precautions required. Wellflux has been proven and tested to be compatible with the major PCP suppliers with no negative impact on the elastomers.