When a well reaches the end of its producing life, operators must safely abandon these wells in accordance with all regulations. Well abandonment typically involves designing a well abandonment program, cleaning the inside of the wellbore, isolating porous formations, removing all downhole and surface equipment and cut and capping the wellbore. Finally, the surface land must be reclaimed to its original state.

Achieving a clean wellbore while minimizing additional fluid loss is imperative in keeping cementing costs low. SECURE Energy Services offers a variety of products that aid in wellbore cleaning and fluid loss. In addition, SECURE’s remediation and reclamation experts provide project management for the surface land reclamation of abandoned wells.

Wellbore Cleanout

The first step in completion abandonment programs consists of cleaning the wellbore of loose material which could adversely affect the quality of the cementing operation. Greater efficiency in wellbore cleanouts are achieved with viscous fluids that suspend the material and particulate. SECURE has a full line of fluid viscosifiers and other additives for wellbore cleanout operations.

In addition, several fluid loss additives are available.

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Alpha Guar
Natural occurring polymer used as a viscosifying agent in water based systems
SECURE Vis is a dispersible xanthan gum. Product can be used in fresh water, seawater or brines and is stable in temperatures up to 150°C
HEC 10
A non-ionic, high molecular weight hydroxyethyl cellulose designed to viscosify water
Kelzan XCD
Kelzan is a high molecular weight biopolymer based on xanthan. Product can be used in fresh water, seawater or brines and is stable in temperatures up to 150°C
Dynamo-1 & Dynamo-2
Natural polymer based product which is readily dispersible in fresh water and sea water. Dynamo hydrates rapidly to provide a viscous fluid
Product is a cationic clay inhibitor which prevents water hydration of clays
Calcium carbonate material which can be used as a weighting and bridging agent. Comes in various particle sizes
Caustic Soda
Sodium hydroxide used for pH adjustments
A variety of anionic acrylamide polymers which readily disperses into water. Product is used to stabilize shale and can be used as a flocculent
Fluid loss product - a specialty blend of polysaccharides and industrial carbon that is thermally degradable
Fluid loss product. Granular CaCO₃ which comes in a range of different sizes (0-100 to 6300-9500 μm)
Fluid loss product composed of a variety of polymers and fluid loss additives for seepage to total loss circulation
A unique blend of plant fibers, polysaccharides and industrial carbon for to prevent fluid loss
Silicate Pill
A natural material used for fluid loss
A high molecular weight poly-anionic cellulose which provides minimal viscosity to prevent fluid loss