We provide tailored drilling fluid services throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Our experience drilling technical horizontal wells has resulted in optimized operations and lower drilling costs through effective technology and process optimization while ensuring safety is a top priority.

With our knowledgeable field service representatives, engaged operations team, technical drilling fluid programming team, and Research & Innovation Center Laboratory with PhD chemists dedicated to innovation, our team is here to support and ensure the success of each drilling program.

Our Process

Every well poses unique challenges - we’re prepared to provide effective solutions. Our dedicated drilling fluid programming team uses a methodical approach to creating tailored drilling fluid programs. The process starts with interpreting offset studies to identify potential drilling issues and suggest mitigation strategies. This information ultimately guides the drilling fluid design in the program. We offer industry leading proprietary products and systems, including water-based, oil-based, brine fluids, SAGD and heavy oil systems as well as specialty systems such as potassium formate and silicates. With strategic stockpoints and oil-based mud blending facilities throughout Western Canada, we’re ideally situated to support your drilling program.

Working as a partner with your drilling team, we provide well hydraulic simulations, drilling fluid technology seminars, detailed well recaps, key performance indicator tracking, daily drilling fluid checks (or more as needed) from our experienced drilling fluid field representatives and technical support from our operations, technical and senior management teams. 

Sales Contact

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